Гола јога девојка го инспирираше цел Instagram

Нејзиното име е непознато, но на целата заедница на Instagram е позната како гола јога девојка.

What #NYGyoga is about.❤ #NudeYogaGirlAlphabet

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Под налогот „Nude Yoga Girl“ таа ги инспирирала луѓето од целиот свет да практикуваат јога во оскудно издание.

Оваа анонимна девојка и модел е на Instagram од 2015 година.

One question once a week… When was the last time you told yourself "I love you" ? ❤ #NYGyoga

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Таа има повеќе од 670.000 следбеници, а под хаштагот #NYGyoga предизвика и други да се фотографираат на ист начин.

These words are everything- thank you for sharing this experience, I know many of us can relate! Good for you for honoring yourself… ? #Repost @hannahraedavidson ・・・ I recently dated a guy who asked me to take down a photo on my Instagram because I was naked. I refused. It was a photo I chose to post before I even knew him- it literally had nothing to do with him. He felt, that after knowing me for only a short period of time, that HE had the right to dictate what I posted about myself on my feed. He took it personal when I told him I would not delete a photo that represented my beauty, my strength and the female body. For a split second, he made me feel ashamed of my body and ashamed of a post which was supposed to highlight the beauty of being naked not just physically but mentally and emotionally. In the end, we stopped seeing each other because he was so offended by my choice not to remove that photo. If I had chosen to delete it it would have been to make this insecure "man" feel comfortable. I would have made myself smaller in order to protect his fragile masculinity. I refuse to feed the ego and pride of a misogynist man/society that will both sexualize and shame my body at the same time. Strip Down Asanas Day 4 ? #StripDownAsanas3 #stripdownasanas #underwearyoga #bikiniyoga #selflove #yogafun #freespirit #gypsysoul #bodyartwork #nudeyogagirl #nakedyoga #nudeyogaart #nudeyoga #NYGyoga #bodypositive#loveyourbody #wildandfree #freelikeme #selflovewarrior

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